Yipyak shipping policy

Local Pick Up

Our boats are available for free pickup at our Ottawa location. We strive to get your boat to you quickly, but some flexibility is needed. Please give us 24 hours’ notice to arrange pickup details.

Peer to Peer Shipping

Peer-to-peer shipping is YipYak’s preferred method, where your boat is loaded on another paddler’s roof rack going to your area from Calgary. Transport is free but a driver tip is appreciated for gas expenses. If you’re returning from Calgary, you can earn extra gas money by offering roof rack space. Contact us for available boats.

Terminal to Terminal Shipping

For those unable to pick up or prefer not to use peer-to-peer shipping, terminal-to-terminal freight shipping is available. Shipping takes 7-14 days and must be picked up at the nearest terminal. Shipping cost is dependent on location, contact us for a quote. Shipping to NW, YK, NU and Maritimes will have additional fees.